The Pontiac Grand Am


The Pontiac Grand Am has had something of a “fits and starts” existence having been produced and taken off the line three different times since it was introduced in 1973. The original Grand Am that Pontiac brought into production in 1973 was a mid-sized car, which was later reworked into a compact car. This version of the Grand Am rolled off the GM/Pontiac assembly lines from 1973 to 1975 and then again from 1978 to 1980. After 1980 Pontiac turned its attention to another model, the Pontiac 6000. It came back into production in 1985 when it stepped into the shoes, or tires, of the Pontiac Phoenix. The Grand Am enjoyed a long run into 2005 before Pontiac once again turned its attention to another model to replace the Grand Am, the Pontiac G6.  Continue reading

Dependable Used Cars Today

Several decades ago there weren't a lot of true used cars on the road because vehicles were so inundated with problems only a few years after they were purchased new. Today however it is a different story, and McAllen Texas used cars are often such that they will be considered much more reliable than cars were in the past. Vehicle manufacturers today no longer expect that their buyers are going to get rid of their vehicles in just a few years and recent averages regarding used cars and replacement timeframes have pushed all the way up to almost ten years between purchases.

Considering Full Coverage

Deciphering the common terms used in vehicle insurance does take some reading; however, one of the essential topics for discussion is how much insurance a vehicle needs. Sometimes a person might be best served by having a "full boat" of insurance because the car is new and valuable. Other people might not need insurance that covers their own vehicle and may just need insurance that covers other drivers in the event of an accident. Visit Roadguard Insurance to see if your insurance levels are at the right spot or if they need to be changed for the best coverage options.

Advertising with Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Sometimes it pays to get creative when advertising for your business.  More and more local businesses are using magnetic signs on their company or delivery vehicles as a more affordable means of advertising their services or brand.  These advertisements are seen throughout your local community every time the vehicle is in use.  You can order these magnetic vehicle signs online in a variety of sizes with the option to custom create the design, text and graphics.  Many sign printing companies, such as, offer custom-designed magnetic signs as well as pre-designed templates in many categories to choose from, including home repair services, food, business, financial services, retail and more.

The Pontiac Bonneville

The Pontiac Bonneville was originally designed as a promotional vehicle back in 1957. It was meant to highlight Pontiac’s high-performance image and it certainly achieved its goal. The 1957 Pontiac Bonneville was big and flashy with a rag top and powered by a V-8, 310 bhp engine. There were only 630 Bonnevilles made in 1957 so if you can find one of these models you will have car collectors dream. The Bonneville really hit the market as a production vehicle in 1958 and in this version came with two hardtops and a convertible. The engine was still a big, humming V-8 with a four barrel carburetor that could really move. The 1958 Bonnie came with standard features including deluxe steering wheel, chrome wheel discs, special upholstery on the interior, an electronic radio, air suspension, and bucket seats. It was an eye-catcher to say the least and it has remained so even this many years since the first Bonneville’s hit the streets.  Continue reading

Interesting Uses for Golf Carts

Seeing a golf cart roll around a course isn't going to surprise anyone, but some people around the world have found some fairly interesting uses for golf carts and golf cart accessories, like driving them around like cars on streets in a neighborhood. On the island of Catalina, which sits just off the coast of Los Angeles, residents usually ride around in golf carts because there's a waiting list to get a regular car on the island. Residents have come up with some creative designs for painting their carts as well as buying carts that seat extra people.

The Pontiac Grand Prix


The Pontiac is one vehicle that has truly stood the test of time. It has gone though many different variations since its launch in the early 1960′s and still remains one of the best selling American made vehicles on the market. The Pontiac Grand Prix started out as  personal luxury vehicle, which in the early 1960′s meant a big V-8 engine (gas didn’t cost $3.50 gallon back then) in a coup body, cushy interior styling with plush bucket seats and a gear shift in the middle of the floor. The exterior body styling of the early Grand Prix was also intended to be bold, loud, and ostentatious, and it was.   Continue reading

Timeframe for Purchasing Vehicles

A vehicle is an important purchase and does require research ahead of time before any contracts are signed and this is why creating a timeframe upfront regarding when light trucks San Antonio might be purchased is a good way to keep the budget in check. A truck is going to be something that requires time, money and maintenance and purchasing a new vehicle should be done when the old truck is costing more to maintain than the value it offers the individual or company that is utilizing it. A vehicle is so expensive that no amount of planning is too much.

The Pontiac GTO

The Pontiac GTO is considered by gear-heads and vintage American car experts to be the first true “muscle” car. At the time the GTO was introduced in 1964 most other car makers were devoting their attention to their full-size line of vehicles and ignoring the potential and popularity of the great American muscle car. Pontiac seized on this opportunity and decided to drop a big block engine into an intermediate size frame while marketing it at a reasonable price. The result was the Pontiac GTO, which was first offered as an option on the Tempest so as to get by GM’s restrictions about this size engine in a mid-size body. It was a smash hit and the hottest performance car on the market. The incredible popularity of the GTO sparked a fierce competition between GM, Ford, and Chrysler that would go on to fuel a muscle car war lasting well into the coming decades.  Continue reading

New Winter Technology Coming to Tires

Advancements in tires don't often get to be on the front page, but there has been a lot of interest in how tires can perform better in wintery conditions and those selling Iowa commercial truck tires are noticing that new tires have been created that not only improve how a vehicle may perform in wet conditions but will also enhance what a truck can do when it's snowing outside. This means that a vehicle will be able to stop at much shorter distances when needed and will improve the overall safety of driving during harsh weather in the winter.

Common Resume Mistakes for Mechanics

Getting the formatting and spelling correct on a resume is important, but there are definitely some things that could cause problems with a person's application for a job if they constructed their resume in the wrong way. With help from Simply Great Resumes a job seeker will be able to ensure that only the most appropriate pieces of information might be included on a resume because a potential employer likely doesn't want to see absolutely everything that a person has done. This might even mean changing the resume for absolutely every application made to tailor the resume just a small amount.

Paying Attention to Capacity

Utilizing a trailer of any sort requires smart thoughts on capacity and loading, and it's important to figure out what the maximum capacity is of motorcycle trailers before purchase so that problems don't occur after the purchase with being able to load everything necessary and needed. Fortunately, trailers do come in different sizes and offer different potential weight amounts, so it's not usually that hard to find an exact size for whatever it is someone wants to load into the trailer. In most cases, it's better to be able to accommodate more space than less space in the trailer.

The Pontiac Firebird


The Pontiac Firebird is one of the most iconic of American sports cars. It is a classic muscle car that draws envious glances on roadways across the entire American landscape. The people at Pontiac were getting pretty fed-up with all the attention that Ford and Chevy were getting with the Mustang and the Camaro so it wasn’t long after those “pony cars” hit the market with such fanfare that Pontiac introduced the Firebird in 1967. The Pontiac Firebird was released just five months after the Chevy Camaro and has been a gear-head favorite ever since. The first model gave drivers a choice of a six or eight cylinder engine and despite using the same chassis and body panels as the Camaro the Firebird’s styled split front grill, beaked hood, and GTO-slitted taillights gave the new ‘Bird a look that was uniquely its own. However, the biggest difference between the Firebird and its contemporary sports cars was under the hood.  Continue reading